With over 10 years experience in the trade, all aspects of painting and decorating are completed to the highest standard.

Complete Renovation Project

A four bedroom townhouse in Hoole, Chester required a complete renovation into a luxury HMO property. The work involved a considerable amount of preparation to the walls and woodwork before painting. Working closely with an interior designer, we were able to create a contemporary yet comfortable feel throughout the house.

Exterior Restoration & Painting

The project involved restoring and prepping two exterior doors and a garage door before applying Farrow and Ball in Stone Blue mixed with Zinsser all coat exterior satin to seal the paintwork.

Wallpapering in Upton, Chester

A metallic floral wallpaper was used gives this bedroom a luxurious feel. All walls were prepped and primed to ensure a perfect application. Attention to detail was key to get those perfect joins and to match the pattern throughout the room.

Wood Panelled Walls

Contrasting and classic colours were chosen for these wood panelled walls. All walls and woodwork were fully prepped before applying 2 coats of paint.

Cracked Ceiling Repair & Painting

Ceiling needed to be stripped, cracks were raked out, sanded and sealed before a fibacryl flexible filler was applied to prevent cracks reappearing due to structural movement.

Exterior Masonry

Two coats of exterior paint in white and contrasting dark grey were applied after prepping this rough cast masonry.

Fireplace Restoration

Fireplace was sanded back, sealed and primed before applying two coats of Satin paint.

Exterior Painting in Saltney

Two coats of exterior white paint transforms the look of this property in Saltney, Chester.

Wallpaper Hanging

This beautiful floral wallpaper brightens up an old farmhouse in Cheshire. Walls were fully primed and prepped with lining paper. The job involved navigating around some tricky corners and angles but the job was still finished to the highest standard.

External Woodwork

Window frames were scraped back, filled and sanded before applying 2 coats of Sadolin, Beautiflex Opaque Woodstain in the colour Hickory.

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